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Your Customers Check Their Phones
150 Times per Day!

So why aren't you marketing to their mobile devices?

Your Customers are Texting...

100 %
*Age 18 - 29
98 %
*Age 30 - 49
90 %
*Age 50 and over

*Source: Pew Internet

Marketing with Text Messages Puts Your Messages into their Hands... Literally. 

Which makes more sense to you?

99% of Text Messages are Opened and Read.
27% of Emails Newsletters are Opened.
2-6% of Facebook Posts are seen.

  Mass Texting is Relationship Building on Steroids.

People send texts to friends, colleagues and loved ones. When your business sends text messages, your messages seem... personal. Not like advertising. 

Open rate of 99%

When 99% of text messages are opened and read, you can be sure your customers get the message!


Generate More Revenue!

Deliver special offers to loyal customers who want to do more business with you!


Build Stronger Relationships!

Texting feels personal because it is; when you connect in this familiar way your business becomes a trusted friend.

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What Types of Business Can Use
Mass Texting?

Dentists & Dental Professionals

Retail Businesses

Non Profit Organizations

Townships & Municipalities

Schools, School Boards & Teachers

Human Resources Organizations

Political Organizations

Medical Centres & Clinics

Employment & Social Services Agencies

Mental Health & Addiction Agencies

Car Dealers and Repair Garages 

Chiropractors and Massage Therapists

How Easy is Our Service to Use? 
Watch Me Send a Text
Message In
Less Than 30 Seconds!

Features & Service Highlights!

Send Mass Texts & Images

Send 100's or 1,000's of messages to your clients and contacts with the click of a single button! 

Abuse Filter

Prevents people from subscribing and re-subscribing over again to access promotional incentives! 


With powerful built-in tools to help wring the most from your campaigns! 

Easy Message Scheduling

Send your message today, tomorrow, or next month... it's your call! 

Employee Incentive Module

Track and incentivize the growth of your mass texting program by getting your employees involved!   

Drop Dead Simple Interface

Because you've got better things to do than have to learn another complicated software application! 

Rollover Texts

Some competitors wipe your text balance clean at the end of every month! Not us... your unused balanced is always carried over to the next month! 

Simple Statistics

Check your campaign's vital stats quickly from a simple control panel!   

Image Library

Upload up to 20 of your most commonly used graphics and insert quickly into your marketing campaigns when you need them! 

What Makes Our Service Different?

Here Are 6 BIG Benefits!

Make More Money!

On average, promotions sent via text message get 10 times the response rates as those sent via traditional advertising. Put plainly... this makes you more money.

Boost Customer Retention

The fastest and easiest way to generate more revenue for your business is to focus on customer retention... and text messaging is a fantastic tool for that!

Save Money

Text messaging improves the efficiency of your traditional advertising, as well as reducing your reliance on it. This saves you money!

Client Convenience!

With more and more people preferring to use their phones as their primary communication tool, marketing with text best serves their needs.

Total Control & Flexibility

Our self managed platform allows you full control over your marketing. Slow day? Need to drive sales now? Login to the platform and send your message... now.

Increase Business Valuation

 Text marketing lists are like cash on demand. And when you have one, it's adds value to your business... up to 10X the value of an email list of the same size! 

What People Are Saying About Us!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I LOVE Local Text Marketers.”

“The service is great, the support is amazing, and the dashboard is drop-dead easy to use. I love how I have an easy and user friendly way to keep in touch with my customers in a way that suits their life styles. It makes them know that I have them top of mind, and in turn keeps me top of mind for them..

I am so very pleased that Local Text Marketers offers me a current and on point marketing tool."

Brandy Brown
- Owner, Off the Hook, Trenton Ontario

“This is an invaluable, user friendly product...”

“Local Text Marketers is the measuring stick I need to evaluate the effectiveness of my advertising. Its low monthly cost saves me thousands in potential losses on ineffective advertising mediums. This is an invaluable, user-friendly product.”

Matt Howell
-Riley Financial Group
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I highly recommend it.”

“The Local Text Marketers service is absolutely critical in our business – it helps fill our events, and increase our show up rate every single time. I highly recommend it!

Sunil Tulsiani
- Founder, Private Investment Club

It's Time You Start Capitalizing on the Crazy Relationship Your Customers have with their Phones to Build More Stronger, Profitable Relationships!

Powerful. Simple. Flexible. Affordable. And in just a few minutes, yours.

Yes, in just a few minutes, you'll be on your way to delivering your marketing messages where
they'll never ever be missed again!

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Full service trial!

50 text messages

Unlimited Textwords

  • US/CA Longcode
  • Standard and Premium Features

No Credit Card Needed!

No contracts. Cancel anytime!

Business Starter

100 Text messages

Unlimited Textwords

  • US/CA Longcode
  • Standard Features

$19.99 / month

No contracts. Cancel anytime!


200 Text messages

Unlimited Textwords

  • US/CA Longcode
  • Standard and Premium Features

$29.99 / month

No contracts. Cancel anytime!

Business Bronze

500 Text Messages

Unlimited Textwords

  • US/CA Longcode
  • Standard and Premium Features

$44.99 / month

No contracts. Cancel anytime!

Business Silver

1000 Text messages

Unlimited Textwords

  • US/CA Longcode
  • Standard and Premium Features

$59.99 / month

No contracts. Cancel anytime!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


money back guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I understand that for many of you, ordering a mass texting service like ours represents a serious venture into uncharted territory. And when you delve off into uncharted territory, it's nice to know that you never have to worry about regretting your decision. 

​That's what our "quibble-free" money back guarantee is for; to eliminate your risk, and allow you to experiment with our service on our dime. If you decide our service is not for you, ask for a refund. It's as simple as that. We'll refund your money immediately!  

That's my promise to you! 

paul crane signature

Paul Crane, CEO, Local Text Marketers

P.S.: We're rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Advantages vs Disadvantages

At Local Text Marketers, we're not here to sell you a hammer if you need a saw. While we're pretty darn proud of our service, it's not for everybody. Heck, it may not even be for you. If it's not, we're not interested in trying to trick you into being our customer.
So here's what you need to know before making your final decision!    

The Pros List

  • Easy, point and click system. 
  • Specialized business features!  
  • Friendly, personable support.
  • Detailed videos and on-board help.
  • Send images and animated gifs. 

The Cons List

  • Business oriented system. No unnecessary bells and whistles.  
  • Not currently accessible via API. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


mass testing service

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I buying here?

Other than the number texts, what's the difference between the service levels?

Which subscription package do I need?

What if I need help?

What happens if I have unused texts at the end of a 30 day period?

Can I hire you to send an SMS blast to a list of I phone numbers I bought online?

Can you explain the number of texts?

Where do my subscribers come from?

More Questions? Contact Us! 

Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them.
You can call us at 877-403-2402 or email us here

P.S.: If you've gotten this far, I know you're serious about a mass texting service. And maybe you're thinking... I need to think about this a little more. 

Maybe. But we both know that even though your intentions are good, if you don't act now, life will get in the way, and you'll probably never return to this page. 

And that's a shame, because your business will really be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Remember, I have completely eliminated ALL the risk from your purchase. The money back guarantee means you'll never have to worry about regretting your decision. Heck, I have even thrown in a full-service free trial so you can try the service without even having to pull out a credit card.   

So I say again... why aren't you signing up for this now, while it's fresh in your mind?

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