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Is Your Social Services or 

Employment Agency Struggling

to Reach Clients?

Send Text Messages to your Clients' Phones


No credit card required!

Your Clients are Texting...

100 %
*Age 18 - 29

*Source: Pew Internet

98 %
*Age 30 - 49
90 %
*Age 50 and over

So Why Are You STILL Trying To Reach Them the Old Way? (With Emails & Voicemail)

Emails, if your clients even have access to them, are often missed, ignored, or lost in a sea of spam. 

dismayed man

Voicemail is rarely checked, because it often left by telemarketers
or creditors.

For folks who may be down on their luck or cash strapped, texting is the cheapest & most efficient way to communicate.  

dismayed man

In 2017 and Beyond...

some text

... efficient, effective communication takes place on your contacts' phones. With simple text messages.

CONNECT Makes This Possible!

send text reminders
  • check
    Send text messages to your clients. 
  • check
    Add all of your staff to the service in moments (so they can send texts too!) 
  • check
    Conduct conversations in a secure environment. 
  • check
    Save copies of all conversations for your records.
  • check
    Review staff conversations for messaging compliance if needed (administrator only).
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    Manage multiple conversations easily from a simple interface. 

Start By Adding Staff, Counsellors, or
Team Members to CONNECT...

Each person you add will get their own secure access to CONNECT by email! 

Add Users... Fast and Easy!

Adding a user (any person you want to have access to the system is a "user") to the system is a simple as navigating to "Create a New User," typing in an email and name, adding a "nickname" using the password generator, and then clicking the "Create" button. 

Users Get Instant, Independent Access

Your users receive unique access to their own secure CONNECT accounts via email. Their conversations are private and cannot be viewed by others on the system, with the exception of the administrator who can review all messages for compliance.  

Add 3 Users. Or 10. Or 50. Your Choice.

How many people do you need using CONNECT? There's no practical limit to the number of team members you can set up on your account. 

So Long, Management Headaches!

Trying to maintain message compliance with a staff that uses a combination of personal and office mobile devices? A nightmare. That ends today!   

Say "Good Bye" to Expensive Office Phones. 

With all your staff using CONNECT, there's no need for costly office phones, since all of your text messaging takes place in one location. 

Use on Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices.

Fully mobile responsive, CONNECT works on desktops, laptops and tablets, and well as mobile phones.   

Each Staff Member Can Now  
Add Clients & Contacts...

Disclaimer: CONNECT cannot be used for commercial messaging. You may only "connect"
with people who have provided you with the express consent to do so.

Adding a Contact...

... is as simple as navigating to the "Contacts" tab, scrolling to "Add a New Contact", entering that contact's name and cell number into the field and clicking "Add."    

Send A Message

To message your new contact, click the CONNECT speech bubble beside her name in the Contact list, or navigate to the CONNECT tab! 

Next Step?​
Message Your Contacts!

Disclaimer: CONNECT cannot be used for commercial messaging. You may only "connect"
with people who have provided you with the express consent to do so.

Select a Contact...

... From "My Contacts" to begin or continue a conversation. Text conversations appear in the CONNECT window, displayed similarly to the way they'd appear on your cell phone.   

Type Your Message

Type your message into the field under the chat window and click send. You can even add an "emoji" if you like. Your contact will receive your SMS/text message on their phone in seconds! 

Switch Between Conversations Easily... 

To jump from one conversation to the next, just select a different contact from the "My Contacts" list. You'll be notified of new messages arriving from un-selected contacts by a blue badge.   

Add Notes

Need to make a note to remind yourself of the details of this conversation? Type them into the Conversation Notes field and they'll be saved automatically (your contact will not see these!). 

Get Instant Delivery Status

All messages are time stamped and labelled with mobile carrier feedback, so you know your contact has received your message.

Receive Offline Notifications

Hop over to the Settings tab to enable offline notifications for your account; when you're offline, we can notify you of new messages via text or email or both.  

Archive or Delete Conversations

Once a conversation has been completed, it can be deleted, archived. Archived messages are saved in the "archives" and can be accessed at any time. Account administrators can disable the ability of account users to download conversations. 

Super Simple, Exceptionally Easy

There is no learning curve with CONNECT. Simple video instructions get you from "zero" to "hero" in just a few minutes flat!  

Build Stronger Relationships By Offering Inbound Support & Help!

Promote your account's number and let people send general inquiries via text message! 

Promote Your Phone Number

Promote your account number as a text based help, support, or general inquiries "line". Incoming text messages are displayed under the "Incoming" tab, which displays the number of unread messages with an orange badge. Upgrade to a toll free number if you like.   

Enable Your Autoresponder

To ensure your audience knows you've received their messages, enable the AutoResponder. Or use the "out of office" AutoResponder message to send an acknowledgement message only when there are no active users in the system.   

Reply to Incoming Messages Quickly

Any user or "agent" active on your account can "assign" an incoming conversation to themselves with one click, and then address the contact's questions or needs.

Delete, Archive or Release Conversations

Once an incoming conversation is completed, you can archive it (so you have a permanent record of it), you can delete it, or you can release back into the Incoming messages queue, where another user / agent can take over the conversation.    

Offer Text Based Call Center / Help & Support

Reduce your costs and improve the efficiency of your customer support by offering a text based support, help or general inquiries channel. 

Offer a Text Based Channel for Inquiries

Use CONNECT's incoming messaging feature as another "channel" for your audience to reach out to you... to learn more about what you do, and what you offer.     

What Makes CONNECT Different?

Here Are 6 BIG Benefits!

Client Convenience 

More and more, people prefer to correspond with text messages. By using CONNECT, you can provide your audience with access to the communication channel they prefer... and that's important. 

Saves Money

CONNECT eliminates the need for multiple office phones. There is virtually no limit to the number of people who can be set up to receive access on CONNECT. This can save you $100's per month and more!  

Saves Time. Boosts Productivity.

Text communications are brief and to the point, side stepping the niceties required for typical interactions. This allows for highly efficient and fast communication, which in turn saves time and boosts productivity.    

Easy Message Management

If you operate in an industry where compliance to certain standards are an issue, then it's easy to ensure such compliance when all your text messaging is originating from a single location.  

Message Archives

He said. She said. There will never be confusion over who said what to whom when you have all the archived records of all your text message conversations securely stored in a single location.  

Call Centre Functionality

CONNECT allows you to offer simple, yet deceptively powerful call centre functionality to your customers. Questions and support requests can sent via text to your staff!  

In a Hurry? Download the FREE PDF

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Your information is secure, and is never sold or shared!

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Who's Using CONNECT? A Few of Our Clients...

Population Health Research Institute 

Hastings County

Meta Employment Services

Global Vocational Services

Ontario Works

A Helping Hand Staffing Agency

Is CONNECT Right for You?

While CONNECT will provide huge value to most businesses, it's not for everyone...

CONNECT Is For You If...

  • You or your staff need one-to-one communication with existing clients and contacts, whether to send a quick reminder note or have a complete conversation.   
  • You want an easy way for people to reach out to you on their phones to learn more about your products or services.  
  • You want to offer text based call-centre help or support functionality with multiple agents. 
  • You need to save copies of text based communications for compliance or regulatory reasons. 

CONNECT Is NOT For You If...

  • You want to send commercial messages. 
  • You want to send bulk SMS or MMS messages. 
  • You need schedule messages or send autoresponder messages. 
  • If mass texting of a commercial nature is your goal, CONNECT is not for you. Instead, see our Mass Texting Service. 

Start Today and Get Immediate Access! (Choose Your Plan Below)

No matter the size of your business or organisation, we have a plan to suit your needs! Plus, you can
customise your plan to suit your needs!   

Basic Package $19.99/month

  • 1 admin/user
  • 300 text messages
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Standard Package $29.99/month

  • 1 admin/user + 4 users
  • 600 text messages
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Pro Package  $49.99/month

  • 1 admin/user + 9 users
  • 1,000 text messages
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

Or try the free trial first! (No credit card required!). 

Frequently Asked Questions!

 Got questions? We've got answers.

Can I send bulk SMS/text messages with CONNECT?

Does CONNECT Keep Transcriptions or Copies of Conversations?

What about privacy or security?

How does the free trial work?

Do I need to sign a contract?

How Long Will It Take Me to Learn How To Use CONNECT?

How many employees, counsellors or staff members can use CONNECT?


How are these messages sent? is this an email to text service?

Do I need to download any software?

Can  talk to someone about my business' requirements?

Why not just use my cell phone?

P.S. If you have further questions, by all means call us (877 403 2402) or send us a quick message.

We'll be happy to address them for you! 

Try the No-Risk FREE Trial Today!

The best way to demonstrate our confidence in our service is to let you try it out for yourself. Kick the tires a bit. And no... you won't need a credit card. No pesky sales reps will be calling. Just you, and 30 uninterrupted days to test the service.

Not Every Service is Right for Every Business!

And if ours isn't right for yours, well, that's totally OK. We just much rather have the chance to earn your business than to miss out on it altogether. And at the end of the day, there's only way to find out whether CONNECT! is right for you... and that's to try it out for yourself. So... what are you waiting for?