Your customers check their phones 110 times per day!

Why not connect with them there?

Which of our SMS Marketing Services Is Right For You?

Mass Texting Service

Send simple text messages, images and animated gifs right into the hands of your customers and prospects.

Easy to use and implement, mass texing is a must for any business or organization! And it's great for non-commercial applications too! Try the FREE trial today!


Connect is the ultimate tool for SMS-based inbound (reactive) customer service and outbound support discussions.

Perfect for help lines, text-based support solutions, and simple two-way, back and forth communications between you and your tream members and your contacts or clients.

Appointment Manager

Are last minute cancellations and forgotten appointments driving you crazy? Send SMS reminders to your clients!

A full-featured, automated SMS / text based reminder service for dentists, doctors, vets, hair salons and anyone who wants to automate the appointment reminder process... at an affordable price.

Lead Generator

Want real estate leads on complete autopilot?

Encourage easy, spontaneous interactions between your prospects and your real estate listings to deliver high quality real estate leads for as little as a few nickels per day, per listing.