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Your clients check their phones 150 times per day!

Delivering your messages here guarantees they'll be seen (99% of text messages are opened and read).

We make it happen!

Which of our SMS Services Is Right For You?


How do you reach people who don't answer voice calls, ignore emails and communicate almost entirely by text message?

With CONNECTsms. It's a powerful desktop texting application that allows you to send simple text messages and automated text reminders from your PC, laptop or tablet.

Stop wasting your time trying to get your clients to answer the phone. Start having text conversations today!


Our Mass Texting Service is your "go to" for bulk SMS messaging; easily send simple text messages, images and animated gifs with a couple of mouse clicks.

Bulk texting is powerful because 99% of your messages are seen... not deleted like your emails or ignored like your social media posts!

BROADCASTsms supports multiple languages (French, Chinese, Korean and more!).

Notify SMS

Are missed & forgotten appointments hurting your business and driving you crazy?

That's why we created the ultimate text reminder service for business.

NotifySMS integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to automatically text appointment reminders to your guests or clients whenever you create a new appointment or event.

Your All Canadian SMS / Mass Texting Solution!

If you need a friendly all Canadian text messaging solution you're in the right place (eh!). If you're concerned about the CASL (Canada's Anti Spam Legislation) requirements of SMS / text marketing, we can help.

Not only are our messaging templates are fully CASL compliant, ensuring bulk text messages sent from our system always contain the necessary requirements as mandated by law, but we're happy to answer any questions you may have, especially in regards to "implied" Vs. "express" consent. Give us a call (877 403 2402) or email us to begin the discussion.

Of special interest for businesses or organizations who have policies with requirements within laws such as Canadian PIPEDA or are concerned about the US Patriot Act, our service is 100% hosted in Canada, on PIPEDA compliant cloud hosting.

Our business is built 100% on trust

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To demonstrate that we're serious about earning your business and your trust, we're willing to completely eliminate ALL the risk from a purchase by offering an industry first:

an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on our services.

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