Struggling to Reach Clients on the Phone?

Stop calling and start texting with the CONNECTsms desktop texting software. Built for individuals and teams, you can chat, respond to inquiries, provide support, send important notifications, set up appointment reminders and more!

Texting is fast, personal, non-intrusive, generates an immediate response and most importantly… it's what your clients want.

Screen shot of CONNECT user interface

Who Uses CONNECTsms?

Business texting allows for fast, efficient, person-to-person communications with your clients.

It frees your staff from making tedious, repetitive phone calls and unlike phone calls, it's non intrusive and respectful.  It strengthens relationships, reduces missed appointments and improves the efficiency of your workplace.

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When you work with an audience that rarely checks their email and never answers the phone, there's only one way to reach them… by text message.

Employment and social service agencies love CONNECTsms because it allows them to focus  their efforts on serving their clients, instead of trying to reach them.

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Effective communication within large organizations and municipalities can be a challenge, especially since messages are typically sent on heavily congested channels like email, which means they're often missed or ignored.

Sending your message by text message commands your recipient's attention and generates an immediate response.

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Made in Canada. Hosted in Canada.

Canadian Flag

CONNECTsms is a true Canadian business texting solution. It is designed, built and hosted in Canada. Our backup servers are hosted in a separate Canadian location. Think of it as a Canadian alternative to Zip Whip or Text Magic.

If your business or organization has policies with requirements within PIPEDA or you are concerned about the US Patriot Act, or you would simply prefer that your client data be stored on Canadian soil, you can rest comfortably knowing our service is hosted in Canada on PIPEDA-compliant cloud hosting.

CONNECTsms Features

Built for Regular People. Not Techies

Easy. Simple. User friendly. That's the CONNECTsms experience. No long learning curve here: you'll be up and running in just over 2 minutes and 30 seconds!

Message Templates

Ensure fast, consistent, and professional messaging across your entire business or organization by using the built in message templates.

Out of Office Autoresponder

Boost your clients' peace of mind with automated “out of office” messages assuring them their messages have been received and will be addressed as soon as you're able.

New Message Notifications

Out of the office? No problem. Get notifications of new messages by email and text message or login with your mobile device (coming soon!).

Also enable desktop and audio notifications to receive alerts when the application is minimized.

Custom Permission Levels

Share or restrict access to contacts and functionality by setting custom permission levels for your User/Agents.

Regular Back Ups

We back up data regularly to two different data centers in separate locations to ensure continued operation even in the face of a major disaster.

3-Year Conversation History

We'll store all conversations and messages for all your contacts and Users/Agents for one year (can be extended if needed).

Automated Appointment Reminders

Reduce forgotten and missed appointments by 50% or more by sending automated appointment reminders to your clients a few days in advance of their appointments.

Add Emojis

Add a splash of personality to your messages with an emoji or two, accessible with a couple of clicks from our messaging

Disable Deletion

Prevent accidental or intentional deletion of messages and ensure the integrity of your records by disabling your User/Agent's ability to delete messages & archives.

Built-In Link Shortening

Shorten long, unwieldy links for insertion into your messages to reduce characters and improve client experience.

Send/Receive Images and PDFs

Support your clients with images and PDF files too!

Free Upgrades

We're always working to improve our service and you'll get all future updates for free. Because CONNECTsms is cloud-based, we automatically install the updates for you.

256-Bit Encryption

We protect your clients' data with 256-bit encryption. We maintain PCI DSS compliance and adhere to industry best practices to ensure the safety of your data.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee symbolWe're so confident CONNECTsms will pay for itself in increased communication efficiency, staff productivity and in a dramatic reduction in missed and forgotten appointments that we will completely eliminate all risk from your subscription by offering an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on our service.

ConnectSMS Pricing

Bronze Package*

CAD $39.99/month (SMS)

Up to 3 Users/Agents
500 text message credits
Up to 500 appointment reminders!
Credits never expire
All advanced features
3 year conversation records

*Canadian Pricing Only
*Additional User/Agents: $5.00/month
*Additional Text Credits: 4.8 cents/per
*Non Profit Discount Available

Silver Package*

CAD $65.99/month (SMS)

Up to 6 Users/Agents
800 text message credits
Up to 800 appointment reminders!
Credits never expire
All advanced features
3 year conversation records

*Canadian Pricing Only
*Additional User/Agents: $5.00/month
*Additional Text Credits: 4.8 cents/per
*Non Profit Discount Available

Gold Package*

CAD $109.99/month (SMS)

Up to 12 Users/Agents
1,200 text message credits
Up to 1,200 appointment reminders!
Credits never expire
All advanced features
3 year conversation records

*Canadian Pricing Only
*Additional User/Agents: $5.00/month
*Additional Text Credits: 4.8 cents/per
*Non Profit Discount Available

Don't see what you need?

We build custom subscription packages for 75% of our clients,
and we'd be happy to build one for you. 

Email us for details on your custom package call 877 403 2402.