CONNECTsms: Your All-Canadian ZipWhip Alternative

Zip Whip Alternative

Looking for a Canadian ZipWhip Alternative?

We’re happy to introduce you to CONNECTsms, our business texting solution.

First launched in 2015, CONNECTsms is designed to enable fast, efficient, person-to-person text message communications with your clients. It’s used by…

  • Employment agencies
  • Social service departments
  • Private businesses
  • Municipalities.
  • Dentists
  • Health clubs and spas

…all across Canada (a partial list of clients can be found here).

With a minimal learning curve and focus on ease of use, transitioning to CONNECTsms from ZipWhip or Text Magic is a breeze. And, if you’re new to business texting altogether, you’ll be relieved by how easy it all is.

Best of all, because the service is cloud-based, there’s no impact on your local systems or your IT department. All you need is a modern browser and an Internet connection to access the service.

CONNECTsms Features

Our business texting software includes an array of features including…

  • Admin/User permission levels.
  • Open or private contact access.
  • Multiple phone line support
  • Automated appointment reminders.
  • Incoming and outgoing images (MMS messages)
  • Incoming and outgoing PDFs
  • Message templates
  • External messaging “inbox”.
  • Out of office autoresponder.
  • Transfer contacts
  • Import contacts by CSV
  • Download contacts
  • General statistics
  • User statistics
  • Disable delete (prevents Users from deleting messages).
  • Time stamps / delivery status / User info on messages
  • Use your landline or a new number.
  • Auto-assign external messages
  • New message notifications
  • Restrict access by IP address
  • Text credit auto top up.
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Mobile responsive version for use with smartphones (*winter 2022)
  • API/Zapier integration (fall/winter *2022)

How Can I Get In Touch?

Book a call or demo on our calendar here, send us a message here, or call us at 877-403-2402

Where is Local Text Marketers Based? 

We are an all-Canadian company located in Ontario, about an hour and a half east of the greater Toronto area in the Trenton / Brighton area.

Where is CONNECTsms Hosted?

The application is hosted in Canada, on secure servers in Montreal and Vancouver.