Examples of MMS Promotions / MMS Marketing Campaigns

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MMS, or “multimedia messaging service”, is the combination of text and multimedia content sent over a cellular network.

On our mass texting platform, called BROADCASTsms, this “multimedia” can be in the form or an image or an animated gif.

Most of the clients who use our service to send promotional messages to their client bases use MMS (examples below).

The reason?

We humans are highly visual creatures.

Research indicates we use half of our brain to process visual information and as a result we have an amazing ability to process what we see in an image very rapidly.

So not only does including an image in your promotion add a splash of color and make it stand out from plain text messages, it allows your customer to absorb and process your marketing message very quickly.

In a day and age with rapidly decreasing attention spans, this makes a difference.

Another benefit of MMS is the number of text characters that can be included along with the multimedia content.

While a single SMS message is limited to 160 characters, with multi-segment SMS dropping to 153 characters per segment, your MMS message can be accompanied by up to 1600 characters of text (not that we'd ever recommend sending a text message that long).

This gives you plenty of flexibility for crafting your messages.

Examples of MMS Promotions / MMS Marketing Campaigns

Below are some examples of MMS campaigns sent from our platform.

Some clients integrate part of the promotion into the image and others do not.

Keep in mind that these images do not accurately represent the quality and resolution your customer will experience when your message arrives on their phone.

In cases where an image does not take up all the available viewing space, the recipient can tap the image to increase its size. 

MMS Promotion Body Systems Nutrition

Body Systems Nutrition. Sports & Health Supplements stores, Ontario

Rosters Sports Club Bar & Grill, Vernon, British Columbia

Wild Birds Unlimited. Nature Shop. Kanata, Ontario

Off the Hook. Retail Fashion. Trenton, Ontario

Body Systems Nutrition. Sports & Health Supplements stores, Ontario

Beauty Full Spa. Beauty, Aesthetics & Weight Loss Clinic. Pickering, Ontario.

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