Messaging Help

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Why am I receiving this message?

You are receiving this message from this business or organization because you…

  • Have subscribed to receive messages (either by submitting a form or texting a word to a number).
  • Signed an agreement at some point that gives them permission to message you electronically.
  • Are employed by this business or organization and they have permission to message you.
  • You have conducted a business transaction with this business sometime within the last 2 years (applicable to Canadians only).

If you have never had any contact with this business or organization, please do let us know.

How can I unsubscribe?

You can remove yourself from further messaging by responding to any message from this business or organization with the word STOP (not case sensitive, any variation of stop will work).

Unsubscribing from multiple lists in the same business/organization

It's possible to be on multiple lists with a single business or organization.

For example, a business may send out information on a specific topic on one list, and information on another topic on another list. One list might be used to send promotional offers, and one might be for general information.  

In this case when you reply Stop, you will receive another message from us that will look something like…

You are on 3 lists:
Stop-1 Stops Green widget list 
Stop-2 Stops Red widget list
Stop-3 Stops Blue widget list
For help:

To unsubscribe from a selected list, type Stop, then a dash (no space) and then the number that corresponds to the list you want to leave. 

For example, to stop receiving updates from the Red widget list, respond with…


You will be unsubscribed from the list and will receive an SMS confirmation.

This message will also provide information on the remaining lists to which you are subscribed. 

To unsubscribe from additional lists, follow the instructions in the message. 

If you need help or have questions, please contact us

I unsubscribed but still receive messages.

Our system prevents you from being re-added to a contact list once you have subscribed. However, it is possible to be on multiple lists with the same business.

In this case, either respond to your new message with the word “Stop” to unsubscribe, or send us a message with your name and phone number and we will make sure this business removes you from all lists.