Introducing LEADsms: WordPress Plugin for Website Texting

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Local Text Marketers is proud to announce the launch of the LEADsms WordPress SMS plugin.

Designed for WordPress (which powers approximately 455 millions web sites across the globe, or approximately 43% of all web sites), LEADsms offers WordPress webmasters an easy way to support their site visitors and generate leads and new business via SMS / text message.

Currently LEADsms is available for webmasters in Canada and the United States, but other countries may be supported in the near future. If you are outside of either jurisdiction and are interested in using the plugin, send us a note and we'll see what we can do to help.  

1. How It Works

LEADsms connects your WordPress powered web site to our CONNECTsms business texting platform via a web widget.

When the form is submitted, its message content and phone number is sent securely to your CONNECTsms account, where you can now chat with your visitor via SMS/text message.

A valid CONNECTsms subscription is required to use LEADsms (subscriptions start at $39.99/month).

Use of the branded plugin is free with any subscription, while a non-branded version is available for an additional $9.99/month.   

1. Why Support Your Website Visitors with SMS?

That's a good question.

And there are a number of reasons why you should consider this, but it really boils down to this…

Texting is the best way to reach your audience, and more importantly, the way they would prefer to communicate…

  • 70% of people say texting is the fastest way to reach them.*
  • 77% of people want to use text for customer service.*
  • 46% of people want to text businesses for sales inquiries.*
  • The best way for any business to get faster responses from contacts is to text them.*

In addition, offering an SMS website support solution allows your visitor to send their message and be on their way, secure in the knowledge that when your response arrives, it will do so on their most personal and intimate communication channel.

In short…

If you want to offer seamless, convenient support to your audience in the way that best suits their needs, you need to use text messaging / SMS. 

LEADsms accomplishes this. 

*Source for statistics: TextNow's 2023 State of Business Texting Report

2. LEADsms Vs ChatBots

Despite all the recent chatter about the power of AI powered applications, most chatbots can offer only rudimetary support and answer the simplest of questions.

More importantly, the vast majority of people – 86% in fact – would prefer to talk to an agent.

I know I do.

When I see a chatbot on a website I know I can look forward to 3 or 4 off topic prompts before I can finally send in my question or support request.

Why make your visitors jump through any additional hoops in order to communicate with you?

3. LEADsms Vs. Email

Many “traditional” WordPress contact widgets rely on email as their communication channel.

However, there are problems with email…

  • Not everyone checks them regularly.
  • They are easy to miss.
  • They can get filtered.
  • Certain age demographics (i.e., 18-35) hardly use email at all (they prefer to text) and are unlikely to see or to respond to an email response.
  • Most people would prefer texting (see statistics above). It's far more convenient.

Using LEADsms solves these problems, since your message arrives as a text message on the visitors' phones.

4. LeadSMS Vs. Live Chat

If your business is large enough to assign full time staff to managing your website's live chat, you may not need LEADsms.

The problem is that most businesses do not have this capacity which means that when a client uses it…

It's offline and of no value at all.

Or alternatively, it takes so long for someone to get around to responding to an inquiry that by the time they do the visitor is long gone, often with diminished respect for your business.

5. How it Works?

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then how many words is a video worth? Instead of trying to explain how LEADsms works, watch the short video below….

6. See it in Action

If you have a question about LEADsms and how it can be used on your Wordpress site to generate new business or to support your visitors with text message, click the orange “text us” icon at the bottom right of this page and use LEADsms to send us a message…

We'll text you back. 🙂

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