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Struggling to Reach Your Contacts with Emails & Voicemails?

Start having text conversations with our
powerful desktop software today!

No credit card required, no strings attached! We realize we don't know your business or organization and its unique needs, so we provide this demo so you can confirm our service's value before you commit to a subscription.    

Appointment Manager
Reach Clients Instantly With…
  • Simple communications
  • Policy renewal notices
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Delivery notifications
  • Service notifications
  • Help & Support
  • Automated appointment reminders

… and more, without having to compromise your personal privacy by using your own phone! 

Reach Everyone… 

98% of people 50 and under use text messaging (Source: Pew Internet). 

Plus, text messaging is included on all phones – regardless of their type or age – so your contacts don’t need to download an app to communicate with you.

Text messages don’t require wifi access or a pricey data plan to work! If you’re tired of having your emails ignored and your voice calls going straight to voicemail, you’ll be thrilled to see how quickly people respond to texts.  


Use It Yourself. Or Add Your Team. 

How many staff do you need to empower with CONNECT?

Add 3, 10, 50 or 100. There’s no practical limit to the number of team members you can set up on your account.

Set Permissions & Message Access.

Do you want text conversations between a CONNECT User and a client to be accessible to all Users on the system, both to view and contribute? (Ideal for typical businesses).  

Or do you want to restrict access so that text conversations are viewable only by the User and the client? (Ideal for social service and employment agencies or any business where there’s an expectation of privacy in conversations).  

What about restricting conversation access for some Users and allowing it for others? It’s all possible with CONNECT. 

Rollover Texts
Disable Message Deletion. Or Don’t. 

If you operate in an industry where compliance with certain communication policies is critical, or you simply want to maintain oversight over the messages sent from CONNECT, you can disable the ability of staff to delete their text conversations. 

Enable Your Auto Reply

If your clients responds outside of regular business hours, your “out of office autoresponder” sends an immediate text message informing them you’re unavailable and will get back to them on the next business day! 

Offer Help & Support. By Text Message. 

Reduce your costs and improve the efficiency of your customer support by offering text message-based support, help or general inquiries channel.

Provide call centre functionality… without the calls or the phones! 

Simple. By Design.  

Like all our solutions, CONNECT is designed for ease of use and simplicity. We know technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. Our text conversation platform is the perfect testimony to chat.

The clean, simple interface is intuitive and unintimidating. And learning curve? Pfffft. Use the "Quick Start" video on the dashboard to get your account up and running in exactly 2:32. See for yourself...  

We're Canadian. Eh. 

That means we're friendly, good-natured, and go the extra mile. Plus...  

If your business or organization has policies with requirements within laws such as Canadian PIPEDA or you are concerned about the US Patriot Act, you'll be happy to know our service is 100% hosted in Canada, on PIPEDA compliant cloud hosting.

Why use CONNECT?

Client Convenience.

Today, many people prefer to communicate with text messages. By using CONNECT, you can reach your audience on the communication channel that they prefer... and that's important.

Saves Money. 

CONNECT eliminates the needs for multiple office phones, reduces the time your staff has to spend trying to reach your clients, and its built in automated appointment reminders eliminates no shows and forgotten appointments.   

Saves Time. Boosts Productivity.

Text communications are brief and to the point, side stepping the niceties required in typical interactions. This allows for highly efficient and fast communication, which in turn saves time and boosts productivity.    


If you operate in an industry where compliance with certain communication policies is critical, then you'll love CONNECT. It's designed to allow administrators to oversee their staff's communications to ensure they adhere to your messaging policies.   

Message Records

He said. She said. When you have archived records of your text conversations - time stamped with delivery status and attributed to the appropriate staff member - securely stored in your account, this is never an issue.    

Call Center Functionality

CONNECT allows you to help and support via text, which allows you to improve the speed and efficiency of you customer support operations.  


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Start Today and Get Immediate Access! (Choose Your Plan Below)

Don't see what you want? No worries. We build custom subscription packages for 75% of our clients,
and we'd be happy to build one for you. Get in touch for details on your custom package.   

Basic Package $19.99/month*

  • 2 User
  • 300 text messages
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Standard Package $29.99/month*

  • 5 Users
  • 600 text messages
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Pro Package  $49.99/month*

  • 10 Users
  • 1,000 text messages
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

*All prices in USD.


Got questions? We've got answers. 

Can I send bulk SMS/text messages with CONNECT!?

Does CONNECT Keep Transcriptions or Copies of Conversations?

Is my data secure? 

Can I connect to the appointment reminders via API?

Do I need to sign a contract?

How Long Will It Take Me to Learn How To Use CONNECT!?

How many employees, counsellors or staff members can use CONNECT!?

How are these messages sent? is this an email to text service?

Do I need to download any software?

Can  talk to someone about my business' requirements?


P.S. If you have further questions, by all means call us (877 403 2402) or send us a quick message. We'll be happy to address them for you!