SMS / Text Messaging Plugin for WordPress

LEADsms WordPress Plugin for Support & Lead Generation

Today, 80% of people say texting is the best way to reach them and a growing number of people prefer texting for business-related and sales inquiries. 

To accommodate this audience, we developed the LEADsms text messaging plugin for WordPress.

No longer does your web site visitor need to…

  • Wait around for a support rep to answer a question submitted from a web widget.
  • Deal with annoying chat bots that do not provide helpful information.
  • Search their inbox for an email that may takes days to arrive.    

Instead, they drop their question or comment into the web widget and now you can chat with them via SMS / text message… the communication channel they most prefer, and are the most engaged on (96-99% of all text messages are read). 

How does this work? 

Our plugin links your WordPress website to our CONNECTsms business texting platform, allowing you to have text message based conversations with site visitors.

LEADsms works well as…

  • A lead generator.
  • A support tool. 
  • A chat-by-SMS option.
  • Anything you can think of where fast, seamless conversation is required. 

The branded version of LEADsms is included with your CONNECTsms subscription at no additional charge (a non-branded version is available for a small monthly fee).

Subscriptions start at $39.99 (CAD$) or $30 (USD$). We can bill in either currency. 

Currently we can only support SMS chat and lead generation to and from US/Canadian numbers. 

To learn more book a demo or a call here, or send us an email here.