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Conduct Text Message Conversations with Your Contacts and Clients... without a Cell Phone! 

Taking customer communication and support to the next level! 

Conduct Text Message Conversations with Clients and Contacts!

Connect is Local Text Marketers' two-way SMS / text message service designed for inbound customer service and outbound communication and support. It allows you and your business' or organization's team members to engage in quick and efficient two-way conversations with your customers and contacts via simple text messages without using your personal mobile devices.

No need to maintain multiple office cell phone subscriptions or share personal data with contacts... Connect allows you and your business or organization's team members to connect directly with contacts through a simple, easy to use cloud-based interface.

Why Text Messages?

Because that's how many people prefer to be contacted. Text messages are convenient, non-intrusive and take only seconds to "digest."

And, for people without "landlines" or expensive "talk and data" packages on their cell phones, text messaging may be the only way for you to "connect" with them.    

Text messaging is a comfortable, affordable and familiar technology that over 90% of your contacts and clients are using regularly.

Why Not Use My Cell Phone?

Even if you happen to be the rare person who's comfortable with sharing your personal cell phone number with your contacts and clients, it's very likely your employees and other members of your organization are not.

CONNECT provides an affordable, scalable, and easily manageable way for ALL of your staff to connect with your audience via simple text messages, without having to use their own phones and surrender their personal private data.

It also means you don't have to have multiple cell phone subscriptions maintained soley for the purpose of business texting.  

In addition, the CONNECT administrator can manage and monitor all your employee's text message communications from a single location.

What Businesses, Organizations or Individuals are Best Suited for CONNECT?

Connect is ideally suited for anyone who wants to communicate via text message while protecting personal privacy... 

  • Employment or staffing agencies.
  • Community and social services professionals.
  • Mental health & addictions counselors.
  • Human resources professionals and agencies.
  • Car dealerships that want to notify clients of the completion of a service.   
  • ​Teachers and educators. 
  • Any business that wants to offer an additional communication option for the convenience of its customers or contacts.
  • Service professionals who want to set up or confirm an appointment. 

How Does CONNECT Work?

CONNECT is an online service that sends text messages over the mobile carrier networks (i.e., Bell, Telus, Virgin, AT&T, etc.), much like you do when you send a text message with your cell phone.

When you sign up for the free trial today, you'll receive access to your very own shiny new CONNECT account via email. Login to your account, and watch the short instructional video on the simple dashboard. Then, add your team members or start adding contacts and messaging them immediately. In just a few minutes you'll know everything you need to know to be a CONNECT rock star. It's really that simple.  

Is CONNECT Easy To Use?

Very. If there's one thing our early testers commented on over and over again, it was how simple and easy it is to use.

We've put together a short video for you; a "behind the scenes" look at CONNECT. Have a quick watch and then take advantage of the free trial to experience its simplicity for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send bulk messages with Connect?

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What about privacy and security?

Where can I learn more about Connect?

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Does Connect keep transcriptions or records of conversations?

How are these messages sent? Is this an email to text service?

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